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Our Experienced professionals provide perfectly designed system utilizing resources such as our projection calculations for make, model and throw distance of any front projector, Screen Size Calculators for all aspect ratios, Seating Distance, Light Meter Applications. Our industry certified technician installers are capable of pulling, terminating, and testing category cable (CAT 5/6, Coax); installing in-wall in-ceiling speakers, wall-mount displays, projectors, screens, audiophile components, and touch/control panels such as Crestron, AMX, URC. We’ll work with your builder, contractor or installer. Take advantage of unique, personal one-on-one assistance from dedicated audiophiles that know how to develop fantastic sound quality from any environment. Let our team of trained professionals do your installation or we can simply deliver for those who Love installing their own gear – Still have questions, contact us we are here to help you!


We will design the absolute best system for your dedicated room, home and budget.
Our experienced, certified and insured technicians know the best way to utilize any layout, in any home, so that your home theater is aesthetically perfect. Regardless of which video display type you select we perfect picture, and calibrate the system so your sound simply amazing. Whether you’re looking to create a smaller media room or want picture and sound that can carry to multiple rooms, modern home theater design is right at your fingertips!


Whether you are an Audiophile, Music Lover, Collector, or Musician anything in audio you wish to purchase, we want to help you source it. I started in 1980 with an immediate passion for high-end audiophile equipment, while much has changed much has stayed the same we are your one-stop, comprehensive audio resource. My respect for high-end audio clients led to creation of our ‘Audio Concierge’ program. For our clients that require more time and one on one relationship we hear you! Not Just world class service GREAT DEALS on individual components, audio stacks, even complete Audiophile rooms! Unlike most electronics businesses today we welcome your call speak with an Highly experienced audio designer today.

Multi-Room Home Audio

Imagine the option of playing a different music in each room of your house. How about enjoying your favorite tune without interruption as you walk from your bedroom to the kitchen, to dinning room, and anywhere in-between. Experienced professional installation for room-to-room whole home audio system, allow you to experience rich, expansive sound no matter where you’re at in your home — all from an easy-to-operate control panel or even your smartphone.


Eager to take the home theater experience outdoors? Enjoy listening to your favorite music or watching a movie with your friends & family in your own backyard!
Architectural audio offers great range of loudspeakers that set a new benchmark in sound quality and aesthetics In-Ceiling, In-wall, Pendant and Surface Mount Speakers that deliver unequalled fidelity, extremely low distortion, wide dispersion and exceptional reliability. The range also shares consistent voicing, ensuring seamless sonic integration when used together throughout a space. Complete outdoor landscape system with flexibility for configurations of number of Satellite speakers together with one or more Subwoofers up to sixteen Satellite speakers run by single amplifier.

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