Dragonfire Acoustics DFA-510 DAC/AMP/DSP Mini Dragon Speaker System

Dragonfire Mini Dragon Satellites
FULL-range, full-impact sound; a planar magnetic source are more dynamic lifelike sound with spectacular imaging and soundstaging.

The Mini Dragons’ planar driver is ultra-efficient and requires only few watts to generate normal listening levels.

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Product Description

Dragonfire MD-4 Amplifier

Built into a matching anodized aluminum enclosure, the DFA MD-4 is a beautifully built class-D DAC/AMP/DSP engine featuring high-quality A/D conversion for its balanced analog XLRs, SPDIF and USB digital inputs. There’s advanced DSP for speaker correction with a total of 120 parametric filters, crossovers, delays and compression limiting circuits too. The powerful MD-4 offers an amazing full-power spectrum of 1-to-100kHz, taking advantage of its great efficiency for vivid and exciting sound at any volume.

Free of high-frequency damping networks, the MD-4 delivers full power up to 100kHz while the extremely high-voltage-rail-to-RMS-power-rating-ratio for up to 250W RMS per channel at over 93% efficiency ensures minimal cooling requirements and maximum long-term reliability.

Dragonfire SB-8P Subwoofer

The SB-8P Subwoofer seamlessly matches the Mini Dragons with tuning down to 30Hz. The bottom end is essential in setting up the size of the recording venue or one that’s mixed in. The SB-8P is self-powered with 180W on tap, cutting off at 200Hz to blend in perfectly with the Mini Dragons. The SB-8P features a long-excursion, high-speed, low-distortion woofer plus a custom long-excursion 8″ passive radiator and is part of the full system price.

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